Full Time Camper Hours

7:00am - 6:00pm *earlier & later times available*

 Part Time  

7:00am - 12:00pm OR 1:00 - 6:00pm


 Campers will receive classes in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, african, hip hop, zumba,  acro/tumble, piano, modeling, arts & craft, reading, math, Spanish, dance history and FUN FEST FRIDAYS (weekly field trips)!!

 Camper’s registration/ activity fee is required to secure your child's/ children’s slot.

 This Non Refundable fee ($180) will serve as your child's activity fee that will cover  majority of your campers weekly field trips. If you register as a full time camper ($165 per  week) and pay the deposit fee you must commit to a minimum of five weeks in our  summer camp. Payment for at least 5 weeks are mandatory. Ifyour child does not  complete the summer camp, you will be required to pay for those weeks. During the final  week of camp, we will conclude our program with a fashion show and performing arts  recital to demonstration what our campers have been learning and working on all summer!

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N'Ferno Modeling Program

Images courtesy of Classic Image.ry Corporation an affiliate of N'Ferno Modeling Program. 

"Igniting the FIRE in your Heart to Dance"

Annual Performing Arts Course (9 Month Session)

N'Ferno offers classes in Ballet, Modern, Tap, African, Hip Hop, Zumba, Piano, and Modeling. We accept ages 3 years and Older.  N'Ferno operates on a 9 month program from September through June.  During the first 5 months of session our focus is on training: Offering students the ability to learn and retain intensive techniques introduced in a timely manner. Students who register for a particular class will focus on that genre and perform a piece at the end of the program during our annual production.  

All classes are limited to size. Students will be placed by skill, experience and then by age.  We expect students to attend class on time every week. Dance requires discipline and consistency to master techniques. When a student misses a class, it not only hinders their performance, it hinders the overall progress and cohesiveness of the class. No refunds/credits are given for Dancers missing class, classes cancelled due to inclement weather, missed classes due to vacation, Holidays and/or days off. Days will be set aside to make up for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

Add/ Drop/ Withdrawn Students will be allowed to add a class and/or withdraw from a class. An "Add/ Drop/ Withdraw" form must be completed to be added or removed from a class or classes. There is a 5 month minimum on all classes. No withdraws will be accepted after January 10th. If the form is not completed and submitted to our office by this time parents and/or guardians will be financially responsible for the remainder of the program in all classes enrolled.

Production Participation: If a student will not be participating in our annual production a "Withdraw to Participate" form will needed to be completed and submitted by January 10th, thereafter, said student will be automatically expected to participate in our year end annual production and student will be responsible for all costuming cost.

Important Notice: It is important to complete these forms as no changes and or decisions will be made to your schedule until a completed and signed forms are submitted to the front desk.

N'Ferno Full Class Schedule  |Add/ Drop/ Withdraw | Production Participation


N'Ferno Class Dress Code

Add | Drop | Withdraw Form


Before & After School Transportation and Dance Program 

Production Non-Participant Form


N'Ferno Policy & Procedures

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