Tots Ballet & Intro to Ballet

Introduction to the dance world leaning the basic fundamentals of dance.

All Ballet Classes 

Are Vaganova based training. Learning the fundamentals of Ballet from an Beginner to an Advance level. 

All Modern Classes

Horton, Graham, & Dunham based techniques including Jumps & Turns training 

All Jazz Classes

Traditional Classic Jazz and Jazz Funk technique training including Jumps & Turns

All Hip Hop Classes 

Fundamentals and intense combinations that strengthens Balance, understanding Rhythm & Beat incorporating Trending Dances local and abroad. 

All Acrobatic Arts/ Tumble Classes

 Learning floor gymnastics focuses on flexibility, agility, and teamwork. Building and increasing strength and limber movement. 

​​N'Ferno Toddler Program

​​N'Ferno Intro to Dance Program

​​Toddlers (Ages 2 -3 yrs, Must Be Potty TrainedToddlers feel music in ways they use their bodies to express emotion and explore the ways their bodies can move. You may notice your toddler moving their head and a little wiggle in the waist, and a wave of the hands that just puts a SMILE on anyone face! N’Ferno has created a fun, creative and learning program to enhance your toddler’s abilities in the following:

  • Strengthen Balance & Mobility
  • Increase Body Coordination
  • Understand Rhythm & Beat
  • Focus & Follow Through (Discipline of Dance)

By use of our Structured program, Rewards systems and FUN learning activities N’Ferno offers two courses (Tots Tumble Too & Tap/Ballet Combo) that can be taken separately or combined (recommended). Your toddler will be tip toeing their first steps in the Fantastic World of Dance! 


"Igniting the FIRE in your Heart to Dance"

Our Intro program (Ages 4 - 7 yrs)  is designed to strengthen our young dancers (boys and girls) in proper dance technique, gross motor skills, classroom etiquette, and following directions all while having fun! We have developed a FUN, CREATIVE YET STRUCTURED PROGRAM full of joyful activities to train your dancer in the following:

  • Performance & Entertainment Quality
  • Posture & Positions
  • Flexibility, Balance & Stability
  • Fundamentals of Dance
  • Focus & Follow Through (Discipline of Dance)