Does your child LOVE to dance & has always been interested in taking a class?

Do you have a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera & about 4 - 5 ft of space to move in...then this virtual session is for YOU!!!

Now you can enjoy a dance class from the comfort of your own home!

Introducing new 
N'Ferno's Virtual Dance Session!!!

During our upcoming
8 week ONLINE session, children ages 5 & up will get a UNIQUE, CREATIVE, & INTERACTIVE dance experience from home!! 

Virtual Classes Offered: Modern, Ballet, & Hip Hop.

Classes for ages 5 yrs old & up!

Class Schedule: M - F   5 - 5:45pm

Dance is a great way for children to get and/or stay active, build up their self confidence, and help them express themselves and their creativity.

Our current students are LOVING their virtual dance training and we CAN'T WAIT for you to join in!

Click Here to Sign Up a FREE trial class! 

You won't be disappointed!!


Please create &/or log into your account, go to schedule and Click Class Materials. All documents are uploaded & up to date.

IMPORTANT!! If your child is in multiple classes, you will have a link / document for each class. 

WHY SHOULD YOU CONTINUE WITH DANCE & TUMBLE LESSONS ONLINE? During this time when so much has been taken away from us due to this unforeseen circumstance N'Ferno is determined to move forward and do our very best to create some Normalcy for our students.   Many folks are skeptical about learning virtually. We are hear to inform you that the students are still learning and moving forward.  By offering virtual classes we can send you a recording of whatever class you missed (by request only). So now your child can never miss their lessons.

It also a great way for children to connect with their friends during this time.The children and our Staff has had so MUCH JOY in reconnecting with each other via ZOOM. Having some time to see and speak with their dance friends which is SO NEEDED right now!  N'Ferno is committed to our students mental and physical health - and the development of their artistic and creative mind. 

     Download Zoom via DESKTOP: Click HERE

How to Join A ZOOM Meeting: Click HERE

Facebook Private Parent Group Link: Click HERE

Jack Rabbit Parent Portal Link: Click HERE



"Igniting the FIRE in your Heart to Dance"

We have set aside time weekly to offer a personal complimentary 1 on 1 check in/technique tune up for our students. 

Please feel free to sign up for our TECHNIQUE TIP TUESDAY!!

We will be available to do personal check ins/technique tune ups every Tuesday.

This will give our committed dancers the opportunity to get personal feedback specifically tailored for them which will assist them in enhancing and strengthening their technique.

Please click here to sign up TODAY!! 

​​Q: How do I download ZOOM?

A: You will find all tutorial links for how to download & use ZOOM below. If there is not a tutorial for your question please email and we will be sure to respond to your request within 24 hours. All dancers with a phone, tablet, laptop (w/ a camera) and/or desktop (w/ a camera) can download the app.
IMPORTANT!Please download zoom now – please try not to download the day of your class.

Q: How will the class links be sent? And may we access it if we miss the class at a later date?

- Links have been sent via email as a Google document that lists all ZOOM meeting dates. You May Also view the Document via Your Parent Portal via JackRabbit. See below for Tutorial Link on how to access.

- Should you miss your class; recorded class links will be sent via email by request only. Please email your request to our Studio Coordinator; Mrs. Camille at

Q: How will a Live Stream On-Line class be structured?

We have been doing quite a bit of research and many studios and dance teachers are finding that the On-line classes are working wonderfully. It provides a sense of one on one lessons with the instructor and the dancers are enjoying the process.

Ms. Kaniesha & N’Ferno Instructors have been preparing additional On-Line resources for your dancer to enjoy outside of the Live Stream classes.

The Zoom Class will run as follows:

Please sign on about 5 – 10 minutes before your class begins

When signing on please use the DANCER'S name and NOT the parent name

Teachers will take attendance and then will MUTE dancers

Dancers may raise their hand via the app to ask questions

Warm Up, Flexibility Techniques, Center Work, Some Across floor work.

Dancers should wear their assigned dance attire and/or shoes – Hair pulled away from their face!

Classes may end about 5-7 minutes early to allow the Instructor set up for their next class

IMPORTANT:The Music will have a slight delay when being ran via the host.

IMPORTANT!Please be sure to place your dancers name in the registration when attending your on-line classes. This will help us track everyone’s credits.

Don't Forget to check out our latest message from our Studio Director, Ms. Kaniesha. Click HERE to stay up to date to about discounts & info about current & upcoming online classes.